ANS Performance Report: cost efficiency improved

Written by: Alex Robertson
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CANSO has just released its Global ANS Performance Report for 2015, which we helped produce for the 2nd year running. It was pleasing to note that participation increased again – there were two ANSPs participating for the first time and a further five which were re-engaging having not participated last year. In total 34 ANSPs from every global region took part – a figure we would like to see increase.

The key messages from this year's report were broadly positive: 56% of ANSPs decreased their cost per IFR flight hour, while 79% increased their IFR flight hours, leading to a significant increase in cost efficiency. Nonetheless, overall, costs increased due to a number of ANSPs seeing significant increases.

Whilst the majority of ANSPs saw an increase in ATCO productivity, there were also cost increases for the majority of ANSPs in every cost category, cementing the view voiced in previous reports that ATCO employment costs remain a serious challenge for the industry – especially as, on average, they represent 27% of total costs:

Looking forward, a key aim is to continue to increase participation of ANSPs in the report in order to ensure an even more representative and accurate view of the current state of the industry. CANSO also intends to produce more and different KPIs covering areas for which ANSPs want more insight – such as the impact of technology.

For Helios, we're looking forward to participating in the next meeting of the Global Benchmarking Workgroup, which coordinates this exercise for CANSO, and which is being hosted by AEROTHAI in Bangkok, in April 2016. There we will be discussing this year's report, and the further developments that can be made that would increase its value to participating ANSPs.

The CANSO Global ANS Performance Report is published in three separate sections. The Executive Summary provides an overview of the results. Two further reports, 'The Industry View' and 'The ANSP View', provide more data and detail.

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