FAB CE & INEA funding – secrets of success

Written by: Devan Panchal
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The FAB CE Project Support Office (PSO) comprising Helios, Integra and FABCE Ltd was successful in achieving INEA funding for all its multi-applicant proposals in the competitive 2016 CEF Transport call. The proposals aim to support the implementation of AF3 - Airspace Management and Advanced Flexible Use of Airspace of the Pilot Common Project. Combined, the total requested CEF funding was approximately €1.37 million with €1.12 million being awarded. In addition, all project partners who applied for cohesion funding were awarded the entire amount (85% co-funding).

Of the successful proposals being progressed, one is the FAB CE study of Dynamic Airspace Management (DAM) and short-term air traffic management measures (STAMs). The scope of the study is to determine the high-level operational concept for DAM /STAM in FAB CE and to define a roadmap for future implementation. Implementation will assure full compliance with the SESAR Deployment Programme 2016. Of the many benefits, DAM within FAB CE is expected to enable airspace users to make informed decisions and to increase their benefits by offering a larger choice of possible routing and airspace options.

Formula for success

The FAB CE PSO team collaborated to coordinate all aspects of the INEA application process covering administrative, financial and technical requirements. We submitted two twinned proposals containing a mixture of EU-Member States, Cohesion States and neighbouring countries of the EU. At any given time, the team was in communication with more than 70 stakeholders spanning 13 unique ANSPs across Central and Eastern Europe, providing round the clock support. Effective and clear communication within the team and between stakeholders is a must to maximise success.

Our previous work with many of the ANSPs within Europe, meant we had strong relationships to help get the proposals in the best possible shape. Without their commitment and cooperation, it would have been difficult to deliver high quality proposals on time.

A proactive approach to management fuels success. Coordinating inputs to multi-applicant proposals across so many stakeholders involves inevitable delays and long waits for information to come through. So, it helps to identify those areas where advance planning will make a difference; like task management or additional guidance material to support neighbouring countries of the EU through the application process. Since the INEA funding announcement, the PSO team has been awarded a further 3-year support contract. We are very much looking forward to the next phase of activity and progress.

PSO Project Manager: Juraj Jirku

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