How to be a successful intern (at a leading aviation consultancy)

Written by: Sharon Gregory
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This is the time of year when we review applications from prospective interns. For 2019 we have up to five places available. We hear below from some successful former interns who were offered permanent positions with the company.

Jonny Winterburn: "Helios does well in terms of retaining the interns it wants. Typically, 50% of them will accept offers and return to work for us full time. This is not only down to a friendly team. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to give them interesting, meaningful projects that will stretch them, At the same time, those projects must be self-contained and simple enough to enable interns to take ownership of their work. I ask colleagues to remember that not all interns have aviation backgrounds – they need breaking in gently! The types of projects we ask them to do varies hugely, from database development, article research and drafting, system modelling to field observations of aircraft on approach. Having said that, assessment is an important part of the process both for them and for us. Accordingly, we routinely assess problem solving, time management, enthusiasm, delivery, teamwork, and presentation skills. These are key attributes to cultivate, if an internship at Helios is on your agenda."

Fiona Ribbons: "I joined Helios as an intern in the summer leading up to my final year at Imperial College, London. Whilst interning, I was pleasantly surprised by how much freedom I was given to direct my own projects; the ability to take ownership of my work right away was something that really attracted me to the company. My experience was enhanced by the uniquely talented, diverse team, that made me feel valued and welcome from day one. After graduating with a Masters in Environmental Engineering and Business Management the following year, I was pleased to return to Helios as an Analyst Consultant in late 2017. I have already been involved in a wide range of projects, from helping organise cross-industry stakeholder meetings in Brussels, to aiding in benchmarking activities for Air Navigational Service Providers and working on safety projects in the Middle East. The real selling point for me in coming back was the opportunities the job presents, in terms of travel, client exposure, and rapid career development. If you're looking for an exciting, fast-paced career, where every day is different, Helios is probably right for you."

To be a successful intern you will need to contact us by early January in the year you want to work for us. Write a persuasive cover letter to your CV, prepare for a short interview and then, if successful, apply yourself to the projects you are given. Don't hesitate to ask questions or ask for help. We want you to succeed and will do our best to support you. It's important to us that interns enjoy their time at Helios. They could be potential future analysts, and we want them to leave feeling fulfilled and positive about their experience. They are ambassadors for our brand and we put a great deal of effort and tailoring into the internship projects. Our aim is to mark Helios out as a great place to work, and to evaluate the suitability of interns for permanent positions.

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