ICB: new challenges, new structure, new team

Written by: Andreia Simoes
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The aviation industry plays an important role in advising the European Commission on Single European Sky (SES) legislation through the Industry Consultation Body (ICB), which was established back in 2004. As SES has matured, so have the channels for industry influence and action, and the ICB is no exception.Today, industry representatives are also involved in other bodies like the SJU, the NMB and the SDM, and the ICB must continue to provide maximum value for the Commission and industry.

For the ICB, 2018 was a year of reflection to understand how it should evolve to maximize its contribution and maintain its position for influencing change. This led to a shake-up of the organisational structure and working processes, and a change to the leadership structure. The ICB working groups (institutional and technical) became more autonomous and a new annual general meeting (AGM) was set up to provide a forum for strategic focus and ensure the group continues to address priority matters in the most efficient manner.

2019 started at full throttle, with the Commission appointing a new ICB Chair team at the first ICB AGM on 5th February 2019, a meeting that was chaired by the Commission in the person of Filip Cornelis (Aviation Director). The new ICB team will be led by Chair Gerry O'Connell and Vice Chair Larry Johnsson and they will be supported by the institutional working group Vice Chair Patricia Bier and technical working group Vice Chair Michael Mowinski.

Mr O'Connell, with broad experience working across industry and most recently for IATA, paid tribute to outgoing Chair Olaf Dlugi and Vice Chair Steve Williams, who passionately led the ICB for over six years, bringing huge drive and commitment to the industry to positively embrace change.

Commenting on the challenges ahead Mr O'Connell said: "This year will be one in which change will dominate the headlines. A number of work streams are increasing momentum in the sector and significantly shaping SES, such as the Airspace Architecture Study, the outputs from the Wise Person's Group, the ECA audit on SESAR deployment, the Multiannual Financial Framework, CP2 proposals and PCP review, preparations for RP3 (2020 to 2024), to name but a few! ICB top priorities for 2019 will be to develop strategic inputs based on the outcomes of these threads of work and deliver timely advice to the incoming Commission and Transport Commissioner."

Through its ICB support role, Helios will continue working closely with the new ICB Chair team and the new Commission team led by Dr Christine Berg (Head of SES Unit). We wish the new team every success in tackling the challenges ahead and we look forward to continuing to support them this year.

From left to right: Andreia Simoes (ICB Support) , Larry Johnsson (ICB Vice Chair and TSG Chair), Gerry O'Connell (ICB Chair and ISG Chair), Patricia Bier (ISG Vice Chair), Michael Mowinski (TSG Vice Chair), Claire Davies (ICB Support), Matt Shreeve (ICB Support)

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