Recent recruits

Some of our recent recruits give you a view of life at Helios.

Irisa Chiu


I'm a recent graduate from Imperial College London with a MEng degree in Aeronautical Engineering. I was attracted to Helios by the possibility of fulfilling my passion for aviation in a business context. My interview experience further reinforced my desire to join as I learned that the company culture is built on mutual respect and trust.

In the first three months, I have worked on three high profile projects for clients in the UK, Norway and the Middle East. They are very different projects but all impact on society in some way. In particular, I was involved in a study about deregulation of Air Navigation Service (ANS) in Norway with an aim of cost reduction. As part of the team, I performed a benchmark study of the ANS market in Europe. From the start, (to my surprise) I was given a lot responsibilities and was able to form my very own opinions in the subject!

Overall, I find working at Helios a special and rewarding experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of work as each requires a different problem-solving approach and innovative thinking. The company offers a transparent career framework and frequent feedback for your personal development. If you want a challenging yet exciting career, you will definitely find it at Helios!

Adam Johnson


I joined Helios as an analyst having graduated from Loughborough University. I wanted a job that would give me the opportunity to travel, get real client exposure and the ability to make my own mark.

I have found this at Helios. The learning curve is fast and you are at times thrown in at the deep end, but this is something I actually really enjoy. You are given support from project directors and project managers, but you are also expected to be autonomous in the way you work, constantly learning on the job.

Within a month of joining the company I was sent on my first business trip and I haven't stopped travelling since. I worked for a year in Oslo, providing support to the Norwegian operator of airports and Air Traffic Control. The project involves process improvement within the Systems Operations department, reporting directly to their senior management team. Being the only Helios representative on-site can be quite a pressured position when things sometimes don't quite go to plan, but I have found the experience invaluable.

My second major project was based in Saudi Arabia, where I would spend 2-3 weeks a month, or in Dubai (where Helios has an office). The project involved developing brand new procedures for a new 30 million passenger Terminal Building. I was personally responsible for developing procedures for an Apron Control Unit, which is a new technique for Ground Movement Control in the Middle East.

At Helios you are given the opportunity to project manage very early on in your career and in parallel, there are opportunities for promotion. The company will try to support you in developing areas of expertise that are both interesting and suited to you.

Maja Marciniak

I joined Helios after completing a Masters in Transport at Imperial College London and prior to that a Bachelors in Management at the University of Warwick. Helios appealed to me due to the opportunity of being involved in a wide variety of aviation projects and the travel opportunities that come along with it.

Since joining I have been involved in a number of challenging projects for clients in different parts of the industry, including ANSPs, ATM equipment manufacturers and European Institutions. I was tasked with developing cost and benefit models of both existing technologies and possible virtualisation technologies. I have also had the chance to attend multiple stakeholder consultations we held, hence was exposed to even more players in the industry.

In the first three months of my job I have visited both Brussels and Paris twice and attended multiple meetings in London and the surrounding area. The job is definitely challenging and you are given a significant amount of responsibility from day one, which can be daunting but is also very rewarding. Most projects last under 6 months, and we have a say in which projects we would like to be involved in, which results in the job being very varied and fulfilling. The entire team is really friendly and are there to support you all the way through!

Devan Panchal

I graduated from the University of Bristol with a Masters in Chemistry with a desire to join a small company where I could develop a business-focused career in a fast-paced sector. I also wanted to get recognition and take ownership of my work.

Much has happened since I joined at the end of 2014 and Helios still remains a clear standout. The company provides an excellent platform to fulfil my ambitious career goals, in addition to being a well-known and respected firm in the aviation industry with a global footprint which puts them at the forefront of some very exciting work!

Amongst the core values we have here, a collegiate culture and a meritocratic environment have given me the autonomy to drive my own progression at my own pace. Just recently I took over the role of intern co-ordinator, where I work closely with the Managing Director and senior management, designing projects for incoming interns. Through my project work I have also explored Western and Central Europe, with Prague being my favourite city to-date. I hope to add more to the list this year!

Jonny Winterburn

After studying Mechanical Engineering at Bristol University, I decided that engineering wasn't for me. I wanted to join a management consultancy firm that provided the opportunity to truly impact the clients' performance; one that excelled in the field in which it operates and allows the junior members of staff the opportunity to take on responsibility (not to mention the chance to work with clients globally).

At Helios this is what I got. I was in client-facing meetings in Switzerland within my first two weeks, and providing performance improvement solutions to the Norwegian Air Navigation Service Provider shortly afterwards. I have worked on safety assessments for approach procedures at Norwegian airports, and done process evaluation and writing of operating procedures for an airport in the Middle East. All of this within my first year.

Helios give their staff the opportunity to progress and expect them to take on responsibility and ownership of their work and projects early on in their career, which has allowed me to develop at a rapid pace. The fantastic working and social environment just makes the working day all the more enjoyable!

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