Recent recruits

Some of our recent recruits give you a view of life at Helios.

Fiona Ribbons

I joined Helios as an intern in the summer leading up to my final year at Imperial College, London. Whilst interning, I was pleasantly surprised by how much freedom I was allowed to direct my own projects; the ability to take ownership of my work right away was something that really attracted me to the company. My experience was enhanced by the uniquely talented, diverse team, that made me feel valued and welcome from day one.

After graduating with a Masters in Environmental Engineering and Business Management the following year, I was pleased to return to Helios as an Analyst Consultant in late 2017. I have already been involved in a wide range of projects, from helping organise cross-industry stakeholder meetings for the European Commission in Brussels, to aiding in benchmarking activities for Air Navigational Service Providers and working on safety projects in the Middle East.

The real selling point for me in coming back was the opportunities the job presents, in terms of travel, client exposure, and rapid career development. If you're looking for an exciting, fast-paced career, where every day is different, Helios is probably right for you.

Vishal Nair

I joined Helios after graduating from Imperial College Business School with a Masters in Management and prior to that I did my undergrad in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. I graduated from university with the desire to join a management consultancy with a strong culture of driving continued learning, developing leaders and a commitment to delivering high impact results, this is exactly what I found at Helios!

My first three months working for Helios was challenging but incredibly rewarding. From the outset I was given extensive responsibility, ownership for critical tasks and exposure to key clients. I have been involved in the Single European Sky project, as part of the Industry Consultation Body and the NSA Coordination platform support functions. Through these projects, I have worked on strategic topics and regulatory frameworks for Europe wide implementation.

Helios is an exciting place to work with varied projects and excellent traveling opportunities ranging from Thailand to Madrid. The company provides you with a platform to fulfil your career goals with ample project management opportunities and a meteoric progression that is second to none. The people are friendly, extremely passionate about what they do, and this makes Helios all the more enjoyable!

Roland Emojevbe

I joined Helios after studying Economics and Finance at the University of Surrey. During my time at university, I completed a placement year in a treasury and tax department for a FTSE10 multinational organisation. I found the role to be far too process driven and routine-orientated, whereas I am someone who thrives on change and new challenges day-to-day. This is what made Helios stand out.

Joining as a graduate, I have been exposed to a variety of work and had the chance to make an active contribution. I have had the opportunity help with writing a proposal for a new bid and I was pleasantly surprised by how much of my work went into the winning tender. Within my first month, I was on my first business trip to Brussels, taking part in a familiarisation workshop linked to our support to the Performance Review Body, an advisory body to the European commission.

Overall, it has been a steep learning curve, and at times it can feel as if you are thrown into the deep end, but someone is always on hand to help and guide you when necessary.

Ian Cheung

I joined Helios in 2017 after reading Music and Geography at Trinity College, Cambridge. I've always wanted to work in aviation, having flown since the age of 16, interned at Cathay Pacific, and was part of the University Air Squadron during my three years at Cambridge.

With a rather unusual degree under my belt, I was a little apprehensive joining Helios knowing that most people had engineering or science backgrounds. However, Helios have been great in assigning projects based on both company needs as well as my skills and interests.

Helios has given me considerable autonomy in how I approach my projects and manage my time. The job is fast-paced, and I've had client-facing responsibilities early on. In my first three months, I travelled to Brussels twice, and have really developed an interest in European regulation.

My first project was a regulatory assessment for Inmarsat, the UK satellite operator. I've since thrived working for the European Commission, particularly the performance regulation of European Air Navigation Services.

Many companies pride themselves on promoting 'work-life balance', but I really can say that this is true for Helios! We've had a great influx of new starters, and I've enjoyed getting to know my colleagues through work and non-work-related socials. The company has also been really understanding of my ongoing musical commitments in London, which has been great!

Andreia Simoes

I joined Helios as a Senior Consultant in September 2017 with a wide range of professional experiences in the bag.

My background is in Mechanical Engineering, with a specialisation in Energy, this was followed by a MSc in Transports, from The Instituto Superior Tecnico in Lisbon, Portugal. During this 16 years of professional experience I crossed from scientific research, (when I also started supporting the European Commission as an Independent Invited Expert for Research), to the business and transports consultancy, both in Portugal and Angola, where I was based for two years.

Before joining Helios, I worked in Airport Management in Viracopos International Airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from 2013 until 2017. I mainly coordinated projects regarding the economic and financial balance of the concession contract, which meant being involved in multidisciplinary activities such as air cargo logistics and billing, airside and landside operations, master plan implementation and commercial contracts. This was a milestone in my professional career, I fell in love with the aviation sector and I became an International Airport Professional (IAP) (certified by ACI and ICAO).

Moving to the UK and joining Helios was a big decision and, several months in, it has been a great experience. I have been involved with some high-profile clients, such as the UK Space Agency and the European Commission, involving a couple of very interesting projects, crossing from Spaceports to the implementation of aviation regulation in Europe. But the highest point is definitely Helios' team, a pool of very competent professionals who work together to build successful outcomes.

Helios provides what every professional seeks, challenging opportunities in which you can progress, impactful projects worldwide covering several aviation areas, a supportive team and work recognition. Personally, I would say that Helios gives me the opportunity to keep flying higher.

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