ICB publishes new industry vision for optimum network performance

Written by: Helios
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The Industry Consultation Body (ICB), which advises the European Commission on the development and delivery of the Single European Sky, has published a new vision for European air traffic management (ATM) in 2035.

The new industry vision takes account of recent developments in ATM and is the result of 12 months' intensive collaboration between airspace users, air navigation service providers, airport operators, suppliers, social partners and professional staff, facilitated by Helios in its ICB support role.

Predictable and seamless operations

The ICB vision is for a European ATM system that is innovative, efficient, resilient, globally interoperable, delivering predictable and seamless operation for passengers and all airspace users including the aviation supply chain. The vision document sets out the underlying principles together with the key implications for the transformation ahead under four areas:

In developing the vision, the ICB took in account recent developments affecting European ATM Performance. The ICB also noted recent recommendations from the Wise Person's Group report, the Airspace Architecture Study, the Network Strategy Plan and the 2019 ATM Master Plan.

Commenting on its release, ICB chair Gerry O'Connell said: "An unprecedented degree of cooperation between institutions and industry stakeholders will be needed to deliver optimum network performance over the next 15 years. There is a real sense of urgency to meet capacity demand using new concepts of operation and associated technological developments whilst maintaining today's excellent safety record. Our members are fully committed to supporting the European Commission in achieving the refocused goals of the Single European Sky and will engage fully in the next steps and the associated consultation process."

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