Air traffic management and cyber security

How should SESAR respond to cyber-security concerns? And how should cyber-security within the SJU’s Research and Innovation activities be strengthened? Helios provided advice and recommendations.


SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU)


The SJU required expert advice, guidance and recommendations on how Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) should respond to emerging cyber-security concerns and how to strengthen their approach to cyber-security within the SJU work programme with a particular focus on their Research and Innovation activities.

Role of Helios

Helios lead a consortium with Thales AirSystems and Thales Communications and Security.

The role for the team was to produce a major study illustrating the challenges with System Wide Information Management (SWIM), including an introduction to the current problem in the industry and to examine how cyber-risk is changing in air traffic management (ATM).


Helios produced a full report and a publicly available 23-page summary, describing the conclusions drawn at the European-level in terms of an overarching framework for a new approach to cyber-security. The report delivered a threat and vulnerability assessment (including a set of scenarios), a target framework (both for SESAR and for Europe as a whole), a cyber-security maturity assessment (of SESAR 1) and a strategy and roadmap for embedding cyber-security within SESAR 2020.

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