Conformity Assessment - Strengthening Avinor’s Capability

Before any new system is put into service an ANSP must carry out a Conformity Assessment to comply with interoperability regulation. Helios helped Avinor to undertake the assessment and activities that support the process.


Avinor Air Navigation Services


Conformity Assessment (CA) is the process of demonstrating that an ANSP's systems and constituents comply with the requirements of the interoperability regulation (EC 552/2004, amended by 1070/2009) and any relevant implementing rules. It is a necessary process to complete before any new system or system upgrade is 'put into service'.

Avinor identified a lack of available skilled resource to undertake CA activities. This was compounded by a restructuring of Avinor's organisation and the Norwegian CAA's drive to implement a more formal arrangement between the two parties.

Role of Helios

Helios helped Avinor undertake Conformity Assessment activities and supported the implementation of a more sustainable and pragmatic process for performing CA in the future.

Helios consultants spent 12 months on site to support the delivery of technical documentation, produce guidance documentation and deliver training to key internal stakeholders. This included knowledge transfer activities to enable Avinor technical personnel to become CA Subject Matter Experts.

Following the initial phase of work, Helios continued to support Avinor in the background as they transitioned CA to a fully in-sourced activity over a further 6 month period.


Avinor now has the necessary resources and expertise to manage Conformity Assessment activities independently. They have implemented a well-defined process which they continue to refine to suit their needs.

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