Cyber-security and air traffic management

How should SESAR respond to cyber-security concerns? And how should cyber-security within the SJU’s Research and Innovation activities be strengthened? Helios provided advice and recommendations.

The findings of a study commissioned by the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) on cyber-security and air traffic management are now publicly available. The study was carried out by Helios, with support from Thales, and looked specifically at how SESAR should respond to cyber-security concerns and in particular how to strengthen the approach to cyber-security within the SJU's Research and Innovation (R&I) activities.

The full report sets out the elements needed to introduce a holistic approach to cyber-security and to develop a comprehensive response to cyber threats. It includes a roadmap for increasing the maturity of cyber-security processes in preparation for SESAR 2020 and links SESAR's role to the wider industry and institutional response. A 23-page summary is now publicly available, describing the conclusions drawn at the European level in terms of an overarching framework for a new approach to cyber-security.

Helios project manager Matt Shreeve says: "Cyber-security, and security more generally, is a critical issue in current times. Responsibility for secure skies is spread across many parties, and in order to develop concrete recommendations for the SJU we had to consider the context in which the SJU works and, in particular, the likely shape of a wider pan-European response, including both regulatory and service provision functions. We focused mostly on how SESAR needs to respond to cyber concerns, illustrating the challenges with System Wide Information Management (SWIM) as the epitome of how cyber-risk is changing in air traffic management. The published summary is a useful reflection of that wider angle, showing how the air traffic management system needs to be designed, built and operated differently in an increasingly inter-connected world. Our key conclusion is that collective, coordinated action is the only way forward."

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