Simulation modelling

Viracopos airport in Brazil faced rapid development and the number of flights offered has dramatically increased since Azul Brazilian Airlines established its main hub there. We undertook some simulation modelling to help them plan their response.

As an extension to the wide range of consultancy tools that Helios offers, our experienced team also performs airport and ATM simulation studies to assess future terminal airspace and ground infrastructure developments.

Simulations provide a cost-effective way of assessing these developments – whether for an entirely new airport or for a change at an existing one.Though the main use of a simulation is for analytical output, 2D and 3D visualisations of your operation are powerful tools to demonstrate the impacts of any change to all manner of stakeholders.

For Viracopos airport we developed a model and performed the following tasks:

  • Analysed the existing runway capacity, theoretical and observed
  • Analysed the impact of moving to Time Based Separations
  • Proposed infrastructure and operations improvements
  • Evaluated conditions for a sustainable increase of traffic

The model we developed combined both the airspace and ground operation to give a complete picture of capacity and any knock-on effects from changes to one area on another. Results could be demonstrated both numerically and through playback of the simulation to clearly display any potential issues and differences between options.

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