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Dubai takes steps to address growth challenges

Dubai Airports is growing. In 2013 it handled 369,953 movements, an increase of 7.5% compared with the previous year. With growth of that scale comes a range of challenges and risks.

Helios has been helping Dubai Airports to assess their business risks in ANS and airside operations during normal operations. The end goal is to integrate all identified business risks in a centralised risk register. It will then be possible to prioritise where money is spent to mitigate the risks to the business – ensuring continued resilient operations and the confidence to deliver growth.

While safety risks may be easier to identify in an industry such as aviation, business risks can have a massive impact not only on the airport, but also on the community around them. These risks can be mitigated by designing contingency and recovery procedures to remove potential blockages of apron, service roads, taxiway or runway, and maintain operations at the airport.

As with all aviation investments, implementing new mitigations can require new equipment, services or resource which costs money. So an important step is to prioritise the identified risk mitigations across the business and conduct cost-benefit analyses of each proposal to ensure that value for money is achieved across the whole operation.

Dubai is working hard to maintain and improve good business culture, alongside the safety culture concept. The aim is for all departments to have awareness of their business risks and for individuals to be provided with the opportunity to share innovative ideas for improvement. Moving forwards with the concept, it will be possible to link incident reporting to the risk tracking and risk categorisation at a business-wide level. This is fundamental to the real world understanding of business risks, since it not only provides examples of risk occurrence it also provides evidence on which risk classification can be based.

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