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Taking stock and moving forward

On 8 July EU Member States approved the Commission's list of the 195 transport projects that will receive €6.7 billion of EU funding under the 2015 CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) Transport Calls for Proposals, including close to €700 million of funding for projects under the SESAR priority. Expert support from Helios helped two European ANSPs and the Borealis Alliance secure over €100 million of funding, including for the implementation of Remote Tower Services and the evolution of Free Route Airspace over Northern Europe.

However, the clock has again started ticking with the recent opening of the 2016 Transport Call, releasing €400M of funding for Projects under the SESAR priority. Given the tight deadlines involved in the application process, it is therefore sensible for stakeholders, including ANSPs and airports, to be asking themselves a few questions, in order to maximise their chances of receiving funding:

  • Have we understood the Deployment Programme? In the 2015 Call, 80% of SESAR funding (€650 million) was made available for projects deploying ATM functionalities identified in the Pilot Common Project (PCP). The Deployment Programme lists the status of implementation of ATM Functionalities for all airports and States covered by the PCP, and so aligning your projects with gaps in your State's or Airport's implementation of the PCP is the first step towards receiving funding for Common Projects.
  • Do we have any innovative projects that fall outside the Deployment Programme but that should be eligible for SESAR funding? Remote Towers are a great example of an initiative outside the Deployment Programme which received funding in the 2015 Call. Identifying these projects means thinking outside the box (and studying the ATM Masterplan)!
  • Are we eligible for Cohesion funding? Last year the General Call was heavily oversubscribed, but the Cohesion Call (aimed at Member States whose Gross National Income per inhabitant is less than 90 % of the EU average) was significantly undersubscribed and distributed less than a third of the funding made available.
  • Do we have the resources to successfully apply for funding? CEF applications require an expert understanding of SESAR, particularly the Deployment Programme and the PCP, and can be time intensive. Investment in extra personnel, or recruiting expert help, could be the difference between success or failure!

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