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World ATM Congress (WAC) Madrid 2017 Join us 7-9th March, stand #333 (look for the Egis banner), to discuss some of the hottest topics in aviation, such as performance, investment strategies, remote technologies, and many others. On Wednesday 8th in the Tower Theatre at 10.20am, Helios' Matt Shreeve, and LFV's Tobias Hjartsjo will be discussing the top cyber-security challenges facing ANSPs and how to address them. You might also spot some familiar Helios faces acting as moderators at other seminars on the exhibition floor. We look forward to welcoming you on our stand, and whilst you're there, make sure you take part in our Virtual Reality air traffic control competition. A day's free consultancy will be awarded to the top scorer. Not to be missed!

Offshore approach gap analysis Following the development of SOAP (SBAS Offshore Approach Procedure) the CAA has contracted Helios to review the systems and procedures that helicopter manufacturers have subsequently developed. Helios will be working alongside a highly experienced test pilot to collate and review information on the systems and procedures to undertake an initial safety and technical analysis. One or more of the approach systems/procedures will be selected for further analysis with a view to its adoption as a test vehicle for in-service trials.

Commercialisation of the regulated ANS market – One of the responses to current pressures on cost and competition is to become more commercially aware. In recent years ANSPs have begun to think like their corporate suppliers (eg. system suppliers, manufacturers, telecoms and consultants) and even partner with them. Corporate suppliers are showing interest in service provision and by the same token ANSPs are starting to look at productising an offering, or working with a supplier to open a new market. Increasingly, Helios is asked to work alongside commercially ambitious organisations, helping them to evaluate strategy options and providing in depth market knowledge to shape their decision making.

Total Airport Management – Helios has recently been awarded two studies by Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA). The first is to investigate, evaluate and support the consultation for planned weekend runway alternation as well as reviewing the appropriateness of the night preference runways. As part of the work Helios will be using the Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT) to undertake noise modelling of Toronto Pearson International Airport's operation. The second study is to identify best practices in airport noise management programmes. This will consider areas such as noise operating restrictions, land-use planning, fly quiet initiatives, noise complaint procedures, and airport and community noise consultation groups. Similar to the Toronto Airspace Review for Nav Canada, these further contracts stem from the Noise Mitigation Initiatives Engagement Plan which was launched by Nav Canada and the GTAA in June 2015.

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