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Will they, won't they?

Sarah and Pierre agree to meet at Gatwick Airport before they take their flight to Madrid for World ATM Congress. Due to prior commitments they agree to show up at some random time between 12:00 and 13:00. Wait 20 minutes for the other person, or until one o'clock, whichever comes first.

Assuming they stick to their word, what is the probability that they will meet?

The answer will be published in the next edition of ON AIR. Please send your solutions to [email protected]. All entries must be received by 30 April 2019. The first correct answer drawn at random after this date will win a pair of Helios wireless headphones. Good luck!

And the winner is...

The answer to the puzzle "Too sleepy for sequences" is: the missing term is 312211.

See below for the full answer:

  1. 18: Multiply the two digits of the previous term together then subtract that result from the original number, i.e. 84 – (8 x 4) = 52; 52 – (5 x 2) = 42; . . . 22 – (2 x 2) = 18
  2. 504: The first term is the product of 1 x 2 x 3 = 6, the second term is the product of 2 x 3 x 4 = 24, the third term is the product of 3 x 4 x 5 = 60 . . .
  3. 312211: This is a descriptive sequence. The first term is 1, so we can say we have one "1", and so the second term is 11. Now we can say that we have two "1"s and so the third term is 21. Since 21 has one "2" and one "1", the fourth term is 1211. Then, 1211 has one "1", one "2", and two "1"s and so the fifth term is 111221. 111221 can be described as three "1"s, two "2"s and one "1" and so the missing term 312211.

Congratulations to Job Bruggen of LVNL who sent the correct answer and came first in the draw.

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