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AOPA Individual Merit Award – Helios' Philip Church has received the bi-annual aircraft owners and pilots' association (AOPA) Award for Achievement and Endeavour for Individual Merit.

In AOPA's own words: "Philip Church…is a key advisor to AOPA on the GAGA Project (GNSS Approaches for GA) funded by the GSA (European GNSS Agency) for the development and introduction of LPV (Localiser Performance with Vertical Guidance) aerodrome instrument approaches ... The outstanding contribution to the project by Philip Church is recognised by this award." Congratulations to Philip!

Charlie Baker scoops up graduation prizes - Some readers may remember Helios analyst Charlie Baker. Charlie joined us in 2013 straight from University with a degree in Science and Economics. He left 18 months later to pursue his dream of becoming an airline pilot, undertaking training at the Oxford Aviation Academy. He truly is a high flyer, having scooped all the awards at his recent graduation ceremony: "Best in Flight Training", "Best in Ground School" and "Best Overall". He also won "Student of the Year" for the highest mark in ground training, flight training, and best personal qualities for the whole school of 300+ students. Keep an eye out for him on the flight deck if you travel with British Airways on an Airbus A320 this Summer!

SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) – We are currently supporting the SDM on a review of the Pilot Common Project (PCP) for the European Commission. Recommendations on potential changes to the regulation reflecting lessons learned from the deployment so far will also consider the parallel work on the definition of "Common Project 2" (CP2), which the SJU has been tasked with. The results of both the PCP review and CP2 definition are likely to directly impact stakeholders and their business strategy over the coming years. Our work on this will finish in December 2017 but, together with our colleagues from Egis and partners BIP, we will continue to support the SDM until 2019 across a wide range of areas including: strategy, operations, procurement and quality management.

Helena raises over £1,700 for Aerobility charity – Office Manager Helena Vernon bravely took to the skies on May 26th standing on the wings of a Breitling! She was fundraising for a unique charity that has developed specialist equipment enabling them to make the magic of flight in a light aircraft accessible for people across the entire spectrum of disability. It was an exhilarating experience for Helena and a huge personal challenge. Well done Helena and all those who supported her, she nearly trebled her target, raising over £1700. -

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