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Drone study with Airbus - Helios, in partnership with Analysys Mason, is performing a study to help Airbus tackle challenges on the command and control (C2) link for drones. We will be engaging with stakeholders globally, in all parts of the industry, on the topic: mobile vs ARNS spectrum for safe drone operation. We will be interviewing stakeholders such as ICAO, CAAs, ANSPs and equipment manufacturers during the summer, so no doubt you'll be hearing from us soon! Airbus plans to use the results to contribute to the international debate on drone communication and participants will also receive the executive summary.

Cyber Safety Task Force - CANSO's Safety Standing Committee (SSC) has recently established a Cyber Safety Task Force to help ANSPs plan for and respond to cyber incidents in order to ensure services remain safe. The Task Force will publish new cybersecurity guidance, including an ATM Cybersecurity Standard of Excellence (building on existing EUROCONTROL maturity model), and will also revise the existing CANSO emergency response planning guide and cyber security risk assessment guidance. Task Force Chairman, Helios' Matt Shreeve said: "We have a fantastic opportunity to advise all ANSPs on how to remain safe, secure and resilient in the face of new cyber threats. Our members come from around the world and include both safety and security professionals, allowing us to address a major issue facing ATM - how to secure safety-critical systems – to enable greater digitalisation to deliver better performance."

Supporting Avinor on new control tower system - We have supported Avinor on many occasions over the last 15 years and we are pleased to have begun supporting them on the development of a Concept of Operations and System Requirements for the new tower at Oslo Gardermoen. Avinor are aiming to deliver an innovative solution that provides enhanced collaboration (A-CDM) with all airport stakeholders to support the airport's ambitions over the next 30+ years and evolving airspace use, including addressing winter operations and low visibility. Helios' extensive industry experience is helping to provide best practice advice, facilitate and support workshops, review and lead the development of key documentation.

Beyond ORAT - Operational Readiness Activation and Transfer (ORAT) is a well-known approach to successfully and safely commission new airport facilities. Regardless of the size of undertaking, the methodology must combine project management, risk management, stakeholder management and airport operations know how. ORAT benefits can be extended by going beyond project management, pulling in additional relevant and complimentary expertise from other multidisciplinary business units such as energy, urban planning, environment, traffic forecasting, human factors, ATC and cybersecurity. For example, in a recent ORAT project at Algiers, human factors specialists added value by designing pre-opening trials that tested both processes and behaviours.

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