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Conformity Assessment – Demonstrating compliance with the requirements of Regulation remains a key challenge for CNS/ATM providers and NSAs, particularly when it is as complex as the Interoperability Regulation and the growing number of Implementing Rules attached to it. Having originally developed the Eurocontrol guidance material, Helios has since worked closely with several ANSPs and CNS/ATM providers, most recently including those from the North Sea oil industry. We are experienced at integrating the process of Conformity Assessment into existing engineering processes regardless of the type of CNS/ATM system. No matter where you are based our approach focusses on simplifying language, engaging stakeholders and reducing the burden of Conformity Assessment through the use of tried and tested processes.

Skyguide Safety Frameworks - Helios provided on-site methodology development for skyguide's Safety Department. We led safety workshops, supported other safety assessments and produced safety documentation. We also helped further develop their safety framework, resulting in a new release. The newly developed framework aims to help managers identify whether a change requires an assessment, clearly defines the steps which need to be taken, and reduces the amount of documentation to be produced; all while maintaining the quality of the safety assessments. The new framework has been accepted by the Swiss regulator (FOCA).

Toronto Airspace Review - NAV CANADA has appointed Helios, together with Graham Lake and Bo Redeborn, to complete an independent investigation into issues associated with aircraft noise in Toronto. The team will review the current situation regarding air traffic management practices, flight path design and aircraft operating practices and will consult with a range of concerned stakeholders from across the greater Toronto area. This will culminate in the production of a final report that will present the conclusions and any recommendations relating to whether there are further initiatives and solutions to help mitigate issues associated with aircraft noise.

Tales from Eastern Europe - In September, Joe returned to our head office from a two-year secondment to Eastern Europe. As the head of the Project Management Office of the DANUBE FAB and the independent interface between ROMATSA and BULATSA, Joe supported the FAB to define its strategy, initiate and drive joint projects, ensure effective working of its governance structures and consultation platforms, and facilitated communication internally between partners and externally to other European States and Institutions.

Now back on home soil, aside from missing the delights of Eastern Europe, Joe is looking forward to using his on-site experience in the heart of two ANSPs to support the development of ANS strategy through Helios' contracts with European Institutions and ANSPs.

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