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Anguilla airspace restructuring - In September 2017 Hurricane Irma destroyed the Non-Directional Beacon supporting Anguilla CJLI Airport's instrument approach procedure, critical for operations during poor visibility and at night.

Helios provided the safety arguments and compiled the exposition needed for the airport to be able to publish new GNSS Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs) allowing the restoration of all-weather and night time operations again. This included facilitation with all stakeholders in agreement with the airport management to enable the development of the safety case and associated exposition. On 17 September 2018 CJLIA received regulatory approval for operational use of the GNSS IAPs to commence, thereby restoring the ability to conduct all-weather and night-time operations at the airport. The GNSS IAP allows CJLIA to provide better service to its customers, reduce operational costs and improve business resilience during natural disasters such as hurricanes since there are little physical infrastructure requirements and improved safety.

Learn more about what the work involved by reading the case study here.

SANS and SMS implementation - The Saudi Air Navigation Services (SANS) appointed Helios in 2017 to support their SMS Implementation project that aimed to create a world-class Safety Management System (SMS). SANS required an SMS tailored to meet their needs and the level of safety maturity of the organisation. It also had to be designed to meet national regulatory requirements set by GACA and aligned to industry good practice. Based on a detailed gap analysis conducted by SANS and Helios, including site-visits across Saudi, a 3-year SMS implementation plan was developed. The plan included a combination of; creation of new safety management policies and processes, training of staff in the new processes and then a series of practical exercises where Helios staff worked with SANS SMS implementation staff in the realities of implementation. The project achieved its first milestone of approval of the SMS Manual by GACA in September 2018. In parallel Helios has delivered general safety awareness sessions across all SANS directorates and those in safety related roles have attended special training sessions on topics such as, safety risk assessments, performance analysis, and incident investigations. SANS SMS implementation team are now equipped with the tools and knowledge to continue their journey to achieve industry recognition as a world-class ANSP with a world-class SMS.

Growth in safety team - Our safety team has recently expanded, and we are pleased to introduce our latest recruits Sarah Purdy and Lennert Hoogduin. Sarah joins Helios as a senior consultant with over 10 years' experience and knowledge in safety management having previously worked as an ATCO and most recently for a Helicopter maintenance organisation. Sarah has begun working on a number of projects including delivering safety coaching sessions for Saudi Air Navigation Services. Consultant Lennert joined us in October and has begun work on risk assessments for a national aviation authority. Lennert previously worked as a policy officer in operations and safety for the Royal Netherlands Aeronautical Association and has recently gained his Master of Science, Safety and Human Factors in Aviation.

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