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Written by: Claire Davies
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The innovation issue

According to industry forecasts there will be 8.2 billion aviation passengers by 2037, that's double the 4 billion who travelled by air in 2017. This means we have less than 20 years to double our capacity (globally). It's Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific countries that will see the highest figures with average annual growth rates in excess of 4%, but the challenge for Europe and the Americas is still substantial.

New technologies and new business models will be needed to meet the demands of the future - and the work begins now. We've talked before about how artificial intelligence (AI) technology and rising levels of automation have the potential to raise productivity and increase capacity. In this edition of ON AIR! we look at the bigger picture. Ben Stanley prompts us to consider drivers for change influencing the direction of Single European Sky policy, because policy and regulatory reform will happen. We also report on innovation initiatives from Swiss ANSP Skyguide, and in this issues' Infographic we share the leading country standings from the Global Innovation Index - hats off to the Swiss! Innovation was also the theme at a recent workshop held in Paris for Egis' airport operators, who had some fun brainstorming on the airport of the future.

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I'm sure we will return to this topic again, so if you would like to share your own innovation successes and theses, please do get in touch!

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