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Tags: Issue 2, 2017

Big data

We humans are good at boiling (dare I say dumbing?) down the most complex of topics to a simple headline, aren't we!? Here's the latest. Big data.

If ever there was a topic that needed breaking down into manageable chunks, it is this one. And from aviation's perspective, if ever there was a time to try and understand what it means, it's probably now: because the industrial and societal appetite for information and its application to everyday life is insatiable. Information-hungry machines and the Internet-of-Things are leading a massive acceleration in the gathering, sharing, re-use, interpretation and reliance upon, data in so many guises and for so many purposes. Interestingly, it feels like we're on the cusp of not only a technological renaissance, but maybe a psychological one, where human-machine interfaces are becoming ever-more complex and ever more interdependent, especially in both air traffic management and airports.

So, welcome to our latest issue of ON AIR! This issue is all about information, and what we do with it. From the value that can be gained from looking back at data we already have, to the amazing tools at our disposal to manipulate the dreaded 'Big data'. From classical analytical techniques to more predictive scenario planning. Our industry has more information than ever at its disposal, we need to get clever at using it, and acting upon it.

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