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Written by: Claire Davies
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Safer than ever?

In this special 'safety' themed edition of ON AIR! our safety and human factor experts reflect on some different approaches and practices that can help make our already safe industry even safer. Egis colleague Simone Rozzi discusses the role of Human Factors in successful Remote Tower implementations, new joiner Sarah Purdy shares her experiences of improving Safety Culture, and Devan Panchal puts forward the case for tackling cross-domain hazard identification.

Several team members have been speaking at high profile conferences in recent weeks. Huw Ross was at EASA contributing to the SMICG discussing SMS implementation before flying on to Canada to participate in CANSO's Global ATM Safety Conference. Al Corner was in Dubai at the GATM discussing drone integration, and Matt Shreeve spoke at the UK Cyber Senate. Where possible their slides will be put on Slideshare, so keep an eye out on our LinkedIn page for details

Please also see our blog page for our recent blogs written by colleagues, some of which are safety related. Our hope is that in amongst all this shared content you might find an idea or two. that will be of interest, and we invite you to tell us what you think!

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