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Tags: Issue 3, 2017

Disruption and Innovation from the ground up

Air travel has been shaped by many moments of disruption: for example, 1997 when the deregulation of Europe's domestic travel markets paved the way for a no-frills style of travel. This edition of our newsletter takes 'disruption and innovation' as its theme. A big topic in boardrooms around the world, and given its potential across our key markets, we are spreading the theme over two newsletters – starting 'on the ground', with airports, and in the New Year looking upwards to air traffic management.

At our 2017 Airport Seminar, which took place in London a few weeks ago, Director of Airport consulting, Steve Leighton, shared his team's ideas for how Artificial Intelligence could be applied in an airport environment. In an entertaining interlude, he illustrated how machine learning works using the 'flappy bird' game! We're unable to reproduce that bit for you here, but you can find out more in Steve's article.

Other speakers at the seminar tackled drone ATM, cybersecurity, airport noise and airspace - sharing innovations, ideas and best practice. A common theme emerged: on the innovation journey, public acceptance is essential and innovators need to build Human Factors (HF) and societal considerations into their planning. The point is further illustrated later in Philip Church's article about his work to ascertain the likely impact of solar glare on airport operations from a planned solar plant.

Finally, it has been a period of growth and expansion for Helios. I personally find it hugely rewarding to see people develop, so it gives me great pleasure to point you to news of some well-deserved promotions and welcome new additions to our team in HOT AIR.

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