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Written by: Glen Smith
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New ATC system for Singapore

Helios is working on a new major contract with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) to deliver a safety case for the launch and operation of its latest ATC system upgrade. Traffic continues to grow in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. This places increased emphasis on ATM technologies and solutions to deliver the capacity and continued high safety and service standards needed.

The new system will help CAAS maintain its strategic goal of being a leader in the region. The ATC system upgrade includes new consoles and processing equipment, long-range Primary and Secondary Radars and new ground network infrastructure at the Singapore Air Traffic Control Centre, Singapore Changi Airport and Singapore Aviation Academy.

Operational and technical safety experts from Helios's risk-based safety practice are working alongside CAAS colleagues. We are implementing a top-down operational risk solution using a total system approach that covers human, procedures and equipment aspects. Working to a challenging timescale for transition into operations, we are facilitating workshops and on-site activities, engaging with CAAS ATC operational and technical staff, the main equipment supplier (Thales) and the regulator to ensure the appropriate interface between operational and technical safety elements.

Focusing particularly on changes to the Human Machine Interface (HMI) and operational environment, the Helios team is working with CAAS controllers, engineers and the ANS Safety Office to identify potential safety risk and establish associated cost-effective mitigation through the setting of safety requirements. As part of this project we have applied elements of the ICAO Safety Management Manual (Doc 9859), the latest safety barrier model theory, as well as standardised Safety Assessment Methodologies (from EUROCONTROL).

Project manager Glen Smith explains: "Whilst interfacing with industry best practice and guidelines is important, it is just as important that the safety assurance methods are relevant to the CAAS operating environment. They must also harmonise with the already established processes and practices within the operational units and company divisions."

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Glen Smith

Glen is a senior consultant and safety expert at Helios, whose experience spans over 18 years within the air transport and aerospace industries. He has worked within the SESAR programme and internationally, and has experience in airport airside operations and aircraft design. He joined us from NATS in summer 2012 and is currently leading safety management, assurance and oversight activities for our clients. Many of his current projects focus on balancing risk associated with safety, security, quality and environmental management alongside underlying regulatory controls to inform decision-making at the strategic level.

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