Analysis and appraisal

Providing sound analysis to support complex decision-making processes is core to what we do. We help answer the 'what if' questions that accompany operational and organisational change. Over the years we have developed a database of information and statistics to support our analysis. We also provide financial modelling to accompany funding applications to banks and have contributed to a number of due diligence studies for large capital expenditure projects.

Our experience in this area includes business planning and cost-benefit analysis (at both project and system level), market studies, financial and economic modelling, investment appraisals, pricing analysis, loan request appraisals and shares acquisitions. Helios conducts cost-benefit analysis at both project and system level. We differentiate ourselves by having the operational understanding as well as the economic appraisal skills. We also specialise in the economic appraisal of new concepts in airport ATM, airspace and ground movements where we look at a range of factors including fuel burn, emissions and the impact of delay on passengers.

The feedback that I have received from the eight stakeholders is extremely positive – they appreciated your help, support and availability when they needed you most. Once again, a sincere thank you for your excellent work, flexibility and dedication.

Branka Subotic, National Air Traffic Services

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