Air Navigation Solutions Limited (ANSL) has chosen the Assure Support Team to advise them with their CAP1753 Cybersecurity Oversight Process compliance work. The Assure Support Team will help ANSL compile evidence packs and complete the ANSP self-assessments against the Cyber Assessment Framework for Aviation (CAP1850).

The Assure Support Team is a collaborative venture between Egis and ServiceTec delivering a new service to advise airports and provide guidance on security regulation and practical approaches when it comes to cybersecurity in aviation.

Said Egis’ cybersecurity expert Andy Boff: “We look forward to applying our security maturity and risk mitigation experience to the ANSL critical systems and working in close cooperation with ANSL going forward.”

Compliance to cybersecurity regulation is a new challenge for ANSPs throughout the world. The good news is that support is available with experience to manage modern security concerns on existing infrastructure and hardware, through bringing together operational experience and cybersecurity expertise.

For more information about the ASSURE Support Team please contact Andy Boff.

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