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The market for remote technologies is huge but also immature. The focus of attention on 'remote' has mainly been driven by promised cost-savings, and on providing tower services to one or more low intensity airports from a single location. However remote technologies offer many more possibilities that can help airports of all sizes with improving day-to-day operations, as well as bringing aviation services to new locations.

Remote technologies are exciting and challenging, presenting many business risks. Since our formation in 1996, Helios has been working with air navigation service providers and airports to improve operational and business performance. Our independent oversight and expertise has been a vital part of de-risking decision making for customers, particularly where new concepts are concerned.

Helios performed one of the first business cases for Remote Towers in 2008. We helped early pioneers with their implementations in Sweden and in Norway. We are advising the Norwegian ANSP on their investment in 15 Remote Towers, one of the largest remote tower projects in the world. Our work has included operational concept development, safety assessments, human factors analysis, securing finance, procurement support and regulatory compliance.

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