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Written by: Helios
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Since COVID-19 struck the world, our teams have been busy putting heads together and pen to paper (metaphorically speaking). The aim has been to share thoughts and ideas for customers and colleagues to help the industry we love to move forwards.

We started posting blogs in April both on our own sites and on behalf of other respected industry publications. You can find the 'quick links' to each blog below. Please check back to this page for future blogs as we add to the series.

This is the first in a series of blogs where we explore some of the key areas which airlines, airports and ANSPs may wish to focus on to adapt to the 'new normal' over the next 6 to 24 months

When traffic does eventually return, ATM must be prepared for sustainable growth and sufficiently agile to cope with structural shocks such as those we are experiencing right now. ATM Data Service Providers (ADSP) can help the aviation industry deliver on both points.

In this blog we ask how aviation will emerge from the current 'deep freeze' and what factors will affect this.

Sarah Lay looks at the impact of the pandemic on front-line aviation staff and the practical people and safety considerations that organisations are grappling with as they manage their routes to recovery.

ANSPs have already found ways of being flexible by introducing changes to shift patterns to support the health and wellbeing of staff, as well as ensuring appropriate contingency in case of infection. As traffic levels increase and a full roster is required, ANSPs will have to look for other ways to boost their operational flexibility. Isabel Franke-Chaudet explores the options

In a Q&A with law firm Bird & Bird, Airport Consultancy Director, Nick Boud discusses the impact of COVID-19 on airports, the measures that are being put in place to help them survive, and what airports need to do to transition out of crisis mode and come out the other side in a stronger position.

In this blog, Human Factors expert Simone Rozzi explores the preventative measures available to airport decision makers to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 contagion. Published on the ACI World Blog.

The basis of ensuring financial resilience is being able to adjust costs during periods of low traffic. "Cost base elasticity" takes this a step further, capturing the ability to adjust costs in line with demand, whether it increases or drops. In this blog, Maja Marciniak explores how air navigation service providers can achieve greater elasticity in their costs.

In the latest blog of in our COVID-19 and aviation recovery series, Nick Boud examines how airports can manage the return of noise and its impact on communities as traffic picks up.

History keeps repeating itself, but this crisis is different. Is this the time to invest in new infrastructure? We look back at the missed opportunities and identify key questions that ANSPs should be considering when reprioritising their investment programmes for the near future.

Watch the live recordings and see the full survey results from our webinar series 'New normal' – what about the new possible? Building a better future for aviation'. Thank you to our excellent panellists and everyone who joined us online during the webinars. There were some really interesting insights and ideas on how we as an industry can not only recover but emerge more efficient, resilient and innovative than before.

In the June issue of Air Traffic Management magazine, you can read Al Corner's article updating us on the situation in the Middle East aviation sector (login required).