Applying Enterprise Architecture to Airspace Redesign

Learn how Helios supported the Netherlands with redesigning some of Europe’s busiest and most complex airspace. This brief case study focuses on the Architecture Principles review.


Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (MINENW)


The MINENW together with the Ministry of Defence and the respective ANSPs has embarked on a journey to redesign some of Europe's busiest and most complex airspace in order to meet the future demands of Dutch users and stakeholders on the ground. This includes the balancing of many different stakeholder requirements, including the expansion of Lelystad airport, the further development of Schiphol airport and redesign of military training areas in order to facilitate the new F35s purchased by the Royal Dutch Air Force. At the same time, public opinion on aviation is changing. There is greater awareness of the negative impact of aviation, such as emissions and noise. The Dutch Airspace Redesign Programme aims for a major redesign of airspace to cope with the challenges of the future in terms of capacity, sustainability and efficiency.

Before embarking on the airspace redesign programme, the MINENW sought a second opinion on their project principles and project plan in order to validate and fine tune their approach in line with international best practice. The MINENW contracted Helios to complete this task. This brief case study focuses on the Architecture Principles review.

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