Oslo Terminal Radar Review

Helios advised Avinor Oslo Airport (OSL) on their future options for a new terminal radar. Focusing on the role of surveillance Helios provided a full report of recommendations for OSL's needs and requirements.


Avinor Oslo Airport (OSL)


The current Terminal Area Radar at OSL needed replacing as it had reached the end of its operational life. OSL was seeking an independent review of options for replacing the radar.

Role of Helios

Helios focused on the role of the surveillance function in mitigating air traffic management security risks, but also considered other business requirements in the Oslo Airport operational environment, such as resilience.

The Helios team evaluated potential future changes such as the increasing use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and windfarms. They also provided an analysis of current non-cooperative surveillance technologies including a short market review of the primary surveillance infrastructure at other similar airports in Europe. The work concluded with a comparison of potential technical options against the identified requirements.


A report was delivered consisting of recommendations based on OSL needs and requirements.

Helios recommended retaining a non-cooperative surveillance capability to mitigate safety, security, business continuity and reputational risks. The report also highlighted surveillance system best practice to protect themselves against cyber threats.

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